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Good day, my name is Margarita Breskina. I would like to thank Doctor Buxton and his team for help I received in his office. I am 83 y.o.. I had infection that lasted over 1... read more

Marina Breskin

Mrs.Breskina Best eye Doctor, best office team.

Self-verified p.

February 25th, 2022 Best eye Doctor, best office team.

Hands down knowledgeable in all aspects surrounding ophthalmology. Outstanding professionalism & great customer care overall!!

Romin Romin

Dr. Buxton and his team are super friendly and professional. From figuring out the problem to fix the issue in my left eye and gave me extra full set of eye exam, it only took... read more

Wu Ada

The best eye care in NYC.

Diane H

Dr. Buxton is very professional. His demeanor can be a bit brusque, and he is a bit quick to get you in and out, but I appreciate that since I'm often in a hurry when... read more

Zocdoc user

Professional. Thorough.

Zocdoc user
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